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5 Surprising Must-Visit Foodie Destinations

France and Italy get all the glory, but there’s so much more global cuisine to explore. Here are 5 unexpected destinations for culinary travel. Croatia Perched at the crossroads between Italy, central Europe and the former Ottoman Empire, Croatiais a country with a complicated history – and a diverse culinary scene to match. Inland, you’ll find that central European […]

11 beautiful beaches near Monopoli, Puglia

The quaint and ancient fishing village of Monopoli, with its white-washed stone buildings and sculptured churches, is around 30km south of Bari in Puglia in Italy’s famous Apulia region – on a map you will find it in Italy’s heel. “Monos Polis” means singularly unique and what makes it so even today is its sensational […]

The 6 Best Warm-Weather Long Weekend Getaways

ANTIGUA Most U.S. cities offer relatively affordable and easy flights to the luxurious Caribbean Island of Antigua (it’s a straight four-hour shot from NYC). With gorgeous resorts, and 365 amazing beaches, there’s really nowhere better to relax and soak up the sun. PUERTO RICO Puerto Rico for a rowdy spring break destination. San Juan happens […]

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Genoa, Italy

Often overlooked by sun-seeking tourists in a rush to get to picturesque Portfolio and pastel-painted Cinque Terre, Genoa is one of Italy’s most underrated and significant cities. This former maritime power has much to boast about: birthplace of world navigator Christopher Columbus, home to the prison from which Marco Polo dictated accounts of his travels, […]

24 Hours in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

It’s no longer a secret: San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture, is a gastronomic gem in a land of spectacular food. If you’re planning on spending 24 hours in this city you’ll need to loosen your waistband. Sure, Spain has a glut of fantastically picturesque cities and some of the best food on the planet, but […]

Koh Chang: The Alternative Thai Island

Thailand was once the go-to place for hedonistic backpackers and budget travellers but recently the country has seen a meteoric rise appealing to all kinds of travellers especially those keen to explore the the southern Thai islands. Phuket; much loved by expats, is a place for family holidays and weddings. Koh Phi-Phi island first came to the world’s […]

What is there to see and do in Miami, Florida

Miami Beach dazzles in the sunlight as the palm trees sway slightly of the breeze. It’s a lovely scene especially by the gorgeous South Beach, affectionately known. The area makes for a gorgeous ramble along two miles of pristine beaches, passing appealing pastel hued Art Deco architecture that sparkle in the sunshine mingled with wave after wave […]

Norway: Exploring Oslo’s art scene

Norway’s Oslo is one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities: its natural surroundings of rolling hills and mountains, verdant islands and the sea, give this 1000 year-old city an abundance of natural beauty. Lining two scenic bays, it has 40 islands within the city limits (and scores more around the fjord), the city happily straddles both land and water. Life […]